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Sleep is a poor substitute for caffeine.

The HGMers
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Anybody , Moderated
The completely un-official HGM community.
Because, you know, we all have so much time to waste on LJ.

1. The first rule of HGMers is you don't talk about HGMers. I've never seen the movie, and I'm probably quoting it wrong.
2. No personal attacks against other students. This one shouldn't even have to be up here.
3. Please remember that this is a public community, and post accordingly. If a post is anything less than Good Clean Fun(TM) for everyone, please friends-lock it.

(As a disclaimer, this is not meant to be elitist or whatever in the slightest, and I'm sorry if anyone was taking it that way. It's just a place for us to rant, converse, post MS Paint pictures, etc. <3)