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Your annual statistical updates

Fun Facts*(please correct if you have more conservative data, I would like all sides to be present here)

1. One in eight Americans falls below the poverty line(34,000,000-37,000,000;
16.something %)
2. More than 2 million Americans are in jail/prison
3. 45,000,000 Americans are without health insurance
4. We use 1/4th of the world's resources, while being 5% of it's population
5. Exxon Mobile, General Motors, and Ford all have more annual revenue than all
but 7 out of 191 national governments
6. Less than 1% of all corporations account for over 80% of the total output of
the private sector
7.Five massive conglomerates control 75% of prime-time television viewers(not
control. Someone give me a better word.)
8.The 400 richest americans were worth $1 trillion in 2004(see number 1)
9.The top 1% of wealth holders control 29.5% of total household wealth, while
the bottom 50% has 5.6%

That's enough for now, eh

Most of the people who believe in evolution are actually ignorant about Darwin 's theory, aka the only one proven scientifically viable, and will describe Lamark's theory when asked about this subject. The (major) differences:

1.Lamark was the one who said that if you don't use it, it goes away. Darwin's theory says this is false.

2.That little changes each generation will be carried on to the next, aka the whole giraffe-stretching-their-neck-little-by-little thing. That is, again, false.

Evolution in the biological sense is not about getting better, it's about change. That's it. And alot of our features are arbitary. If we had a tale we would be without the chronic back problems that plague humanity, but since we evolved from primates, we don't have one.

*from The Sociological Imagination by Stanley Eitzen and Maxine Baca Zinn
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