nc_seventeen (nc_seventeen) wrote in hgmers,


somebody REALLY needs to update the membership list in user info.

everyone post your proper info here so whomever does matinence on this thing can fix it maybe.

ill start...

Hunter Daniels,
i would be class of 07, but i left the school.
so im with litvak in honorary HGM'ers i guess...

as a side note, this is post number 100 on this site.
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Yay honorary HGM!
can i be an honorary member too? :(

i mean...YES!

um...this is just turning into the ex-hgmer's comment board here isnt it?


12 years ago


12 years ago

For some reason I'm still not in the info page, even though I've been an HGMer for almost three years now.
alot of people are not on there. Stop worrying your head about it. Ariel hadn't updated the info page since around the first 3 days this community was formed. There are a whole bunch of seniors not on it.
Haha, sorry, sorry....

Yeah, post your info here if you want it and you're not up yet. Also let me know if you DON'T want to be up.

I'll start updating tomorrow.
Fredy Gonzalez, class of 02
James Kim, Class of '07
Pia Won, Class of '06
Jack Rohman, Class of Oh Seven

Hannah Kim, class of 2006, baybee
whoa! for some reason i thought you were eriendina....whos name im sure i just misspelled
Mari-on-a-stick class of '06. Oooo... the satanic class. Hehehe...
Tulane Kagy, class of '06