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allow me to introduce myself...

Since most of you are quite young and still in high school (whereas I graduated in '01)... you may only know me as Ruwi's older sister.

While I was in the HGM at NH...
I was a member of jazz band (percussionist), took 3 years of Auto Tech, took waaay to many AP classes and on-the-side college courses, was editor of the Annual my senior year (and sort of am the reason that the faculty is SO FREAKIN UPTIGHT about what gets printed in it now), did Clay Day, schooled everybody on the dance floor, and hugged way too many people.

I just received my BA in Law & Society from the UCSB. I am looking for work in the legal field until I figure out the whole law school thing (if your parents can hook it up... please do). I'm currently working as a hip hop dance instructor. There... that's my intro.
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