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Yeah, it's me.

Quotes from intercession:

-Me: "It's got violent nudity."
"Ding-dong the Bush is dead."
"You're gonna get eye herpes!"
"I'm infantiphagous."
(Ian says, "Penis? That's not that long!") "Not for you at least!"
"Drugs, not hugs... I mean, hugs, not drugs!"
"Take it off!"
"We're all rapists. On the inside."
"Your laugh is phallic!"
"It's orgasmic isn't it?"

-Jack R: "Uh oh! Sex hormones!"
"Identify and discuss the significance of your mom."
"Jew... powered by Christian babies."
"I'll access your privileges!"
"I is be having lesbian sex with Sam (Stander) tomorrow."
"We should all access eachother's privileges."
"I'll be your fuck buddy, Ian."
"I'll be in your future!"
"That's my hobbies... staring at babies..."
"I'm just gonna skip to the reproductive system."
"Uh oh! It says 'testes'!"
"He's spawning!"
"Are you groping your own leg!?"
"This quote is out of context."
"This is the best day of my life ever! In my entire life!"
"This was brought to you by the letter 'your mom'."

-Jasmine F: "I'm gonna be the first Jewish Pope."
"Breathing is so overrated."
"I'll read it very closely and have my 'Phallic Alert' on."
"Your mom turns out the same."
"I should be like... penis."

-Ethan L: "That (glucocorticoids) is such a turn-on."
"Yes, Ian, I will rape you."
"Good morning, Ethan (Ian)... did I just call you Ethan!?"
"Okay, rape the trash can."
"I haven't been on you in weeks!"
"It should be the eleventh commandment: 'Thou shalt be Ian's fuck buddy!'"
"I'm willing to admit that the number after 150 should be penis."
"I want penis dollars."
"Ian is the sexiest of the freshmen."
"To Ian, an earthquake is just a big vibrator."
"Not everything involves raping me!"

-Ian D: "Is it hot in here or is it just you?"
"I'll come in dressed as a giant penis."
"I want your sex hormones, Jack!"
"How about we just give me AIDS."
"Yay! I have no idea what that is!"
"I'd rape Jesus."
"If you rape my baby, I will kill you."
"When you're Jewish, the answer is always yes."
"Oh honey, break out the zucchini with a condom on it. Let's have some fun."
"The answer is always put a condom on a zucchini."
"I have magical porn powers."
"It's like, 'Okay, I'm gonna grab your balls now.'"
"I'm selling rapes."
"I'm a crab. I'm a rapist crab."
"Dirty old man rapes Barbie."
"...if I could pretend I understood what you said, it would sound like you're raping Barbie."
"Stop hitting my uterus!"
"Power of the sun... in a french fry."
"I love tofu. Tofu makes me horny."
"I'm a sex joke! You're a sex joke!"
"Ian's too tired to rape... right now."
"There's a sex coming out of my heart."
"Cheese is almost as good as sex."
"There's a bush out there, let's have sex."
"I love your religion!"
"You(Me)'re hornier than I am!"

Love these people.
*Hugs... something*


...and also talk to me on aim or msn or yahoo or SOMETHING.
Just because I act like a dead person (IRL) doesn't mean I actually am.
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