Jensen (ensign_jensen) wrote in hgmers,

have you heard about this yet?

As of the 2005-06 year, students will no longer be able to take the following exam combinations for a single fee:

* Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
* Comparative Government and Politics and United States Government and Politics
* Latin Literature and Latin: Vergil
* Physics C: Mechanics and Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

All exams must be paid for and ordered separately.

- from the College Board website:,,152-170-0-0,00.html

this is crazy! They just want your money!
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yay monopoly!
I've been getting emails, too, about some OTHER tests they want me to take for college credit. Pure. Evil.
Dude, they spam me about the CLEP biology test every other day.

Holy crap, even Physics? That's just absurd.
wtfux. we shoudl boycott the college board.
what a bunch of losers.
oh em gee. I HATE THEM ALL. Plan to usurp collegeboard and steal back money commencing...
yay, now seniors are given even less incentive to take ap exams. im broke already! those greedy bastards.
we should send collegeboard a bag of locusts.
or viruses.
or both.

i call dibs on locusts!
Um... yeah! *raises hands 'enthusiastically'*